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Gasconsult wins PETRONAS Technology Challenge

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Gasconsult Ltd, the developer of the ZR-LNG dual methane open-cycle natural gas liquefaction process, has been selected by PETRONAS as the winner of the 10th PETRONAS Technology Challenge.

The challenge seeks to identify innovative solutions for PETRONAS’ complex business challenges. In its 10th Technology Challenge, PETRONAS was looking for a solution to the large footprint and high equipment count associated with conventional liquefaction schemes, which are challenging for offshore applications and would result in unattractive economics. PETRONAS found Zero Refrigerant LNG (ZR-LNG) proposed by Gasconsult Ltd to be the most suitable solution because it is compact and comes with a minimal equipment count.

Bill Howe, Gasconsult Chief Executive said, “We recognise PETRONAS as the world leader in offshore floating liquefaction schemes (FLNG) and are delighted to receive this award. We look forward to working with PETRONAS to produce an optimised solution for this application.”

Read the article online at: https://www.lngindustry.com/liquid-natural-gas/12082020/gasconsult-wins-petronas-technology-challenge/


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