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New Fortress Energy signs long-term LNG supply agreement

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New Fortress Energy LLC has announced that it has signed a long-term supply agreement for the purchase of 27.5 million Btu/yr of LNG (or approximately eight cargoes a year) at a price indexed to Henry Hub through January 2030.

According to the statement, this agreement will support the continued growth of New Fortress’ customer base in international markets as the company develops LNG terminals and natural gas infrastructure.

New Fortress Chairman and CEO, Wes Edens, said: “This agreement supports our efforts to spur economic growth and reduce emissions as we deliver more affordable and cleaner energy to our customers.

“We evaluated a broad range of competitive offers to meet the expansion of our LNG terminals across international markets. We’re pleased to take advantage of the dislocation in global LNG markets and secure 10 years of offtake for our growing business.”

Read the article online at: https://www.lngindustry.com/liquefaction/10022020/new-fortress-energy-signs-long-term-lng-supply-agreement/


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